We inform you that the Public Call for a measure of support for investments in the diversification of economic and social activities in rural areas has been opened.

The deadline for submitting applications is November 21, 2022 until 5:00 p.m.

The objective of the Public Call is:

  • Increasing the income of the population from rural areas through the diversification of income from economic and social activities on or off the farm,
  • Preservation of existing and creation of new jobs through development and diversification of rural activities on the farm and preservation of existing jobs,
  • Improvement of existing and development of new services that improve the quality of life of rural residents i
  • Contribution to sustainable development through the introduction and promotion of good practices related to food safety, environmental protection and protection of workers, as well as other population from the consequences of COVID-19 and other negative impacts on public health.

The public call consists of two LOTS:

  • LOT 1 – Diversification of economic activities on farms (support to agricultural producers for the introduction of new sources of income on farms) and
  • LOT 2 – Diversification of economic/social activities in rural areas (support for improving the quality of life and creating a social and business environment that contributes to the development of rural areas).

Agricultural holdings (individuals), registered business entities (independent entrepreneurs, cooperatives and companies) can apply for LOT 1 by public invitation.

Associations, private institutions or private companies can apply for LOT 2.

Please note that applications are submitted exclusively through the local self-government unit.

The total budget of the Call is 6.5 million KM.