As a result of the successful work of the Municipality of Stanari, a modern office space was built that offers tenants a favorable business environment for production and work. The “Termoelektrana” Dragalovci business zone was established with the aim of encouraging entrepreneurship and attracting foreign and domestic investors to the municipality of Stanari in order to increase the number of small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as to increase the number of employees in the municipality.

The total area of the Business Zone “Thermoelectric Power Plant” is 3.3 hectares, divided into 6 plots, of which 3 plots are already occupied and built. All the work on the exterior has been completed, which consists of the arrangement of internal roads and parking lots, the construction of storm water drainage, the construction of a septic tank and the purchase and installation of fences and lighting, as well as the construction of a hydrant tank. A compact armored transformer station with transformers was procured for the purposes of the uninterrupted functioning of the PZ.
The main purpose of the Business Zone “Termoelektrana” is production and business.

The business zone is located next to the regional roads R 474 Prnjavor – Jelah and R 474a Prnjavor Doboj, and next to the railway station and unloading ramp in Dragalovci (Doboj – Banja Luka).

Area 3.3 ha
Type Greenfield
Ownership of Stanari Municipality
Road network R 474 and R 474a
Railway junction and loading ramp Dragalovci
Electricity Transformer station 10/0.4 kV. All low-voltage cables from TS to the plot have been laid. Permanent connection to the network
Water A built well with a capacity of 1 l/s of sanitary water.
A water supply network has been installed to the plot.
A hydrant water tank with a capacity of 80 cubic meters was built and a hydrant network was built
Sewerage Completed fecal sewage network along with oily and storm sewers.
Gas No
Telecommunications Enabled access to the telecommunications network
Price (EUR/m2) €289.95 (monthly lease)
Method of acquisition Purchase, lease, auction

The current tenants are the company “Fischer Intralogistic” d.o.o. which deals with the production of intralogistics systems (metal parts, freight elevators, conveyor belts and metal processing and similar activities) and “Maksimović – komerc” d.o.o. which deals with the production of ALU and PVC carpentry, as well as the plasticization of metal and aluminum in large formats.

The Municipality of Stanari offers numerous benefits to investors who decide to start a business in our local community, which you can see HERE .