Dear citizens, respected investors, we present to you the website Invest in Tenants – an internet service intended to present the economic potential and benefits for doing business and investing in our municipality.

It is my honor to be able to greet you and invite you to Stanare.

Due to its geographical position, the Municipality of Stanari is an attractive place for potential investors. Our goal is to create a favorable business environment and to be recognized as a municipality in the region and beyond. In this regard, the Municipal Administration undertakes a series of activities to attract domestic and foreign investors. By strengthening existing business entities, providing support for their development, forming the Business Council and a series of other activities, we have proven that we also think of businessmen, as well as the development of our local community.

By adapting the work according to the regulations of the BFC SEE standard certificate, the Municipal Administration raises the level of efficiency and thereby improves the business environment and develops the local economy.

On our website, potential investors can get all the necessary information about the “Termoelektrana” Dragalovci business zone, information about the steps in establishing a business, business costs, road, utility and business infrastructure, the current offer of public and private business premises that are leased. in our municipality and a number of other important data needed for potential investors.

The doors of the Municipal Administration and mine, as the mayor, are always open for any type of cooperation with domestic and foreign investors.