The municipality of Stanari is located in the northeastern part of the Republic of Srpska between 17°83׳ east longitude and 17°50׳ north latitude and borders the city of Doboj and the municipalities of Derventa, Prnjavor, Teslić and Tešanj (F. BiH).
The city of Doboj is the closest regional center with which the municipality of Stanari is strongly connected, both economically and in the area of social development. With the administrative headquarters of the Republic of Srpska and the border crossing “Gradiška”, between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia, the municipality of Stanari is connected by car – via Doboj – Banjaluka – Gradiška.

Administratively, it is divided into 13 local communities, with an area of 151 square kilometers.

The surface of the Stanari municipality is characterized by a predominantly lowland – hilly terrain configuration with the lowest altitude of 138 m (Brestovo) and the highest altitude of 343 m (Radnja Donja).